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"Poling down the Kankakee River" 

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Mark Your Calendars


Map to Collier Lodge site



Aukiki River Festival sign designed by Katie O'Connor

Interested in sharing Kankakee River stories, photographs, tales or just get more involved with the Kankakee Valley Historical Society and it's projects contact me at: or 219-766-2302

Kankakee River History

Updated 2/20/2014

This is a work in progress and will be continually updated . Books, papers, articles, land plats, Kankakee River lore, maps, pictures, family stories and other Kankakee River history material is included.

2017 Aukiki River Festival Participant page

Preservation plan submitted for Collier Lodge Post-Tribune article

2016 Aukiki River Festival Picture Page

2015 Aukiki River Festival Picture Page

Kankakee River column "River Bits."

Grand Kankakee Marsh Bridge Restoration Project  

Linden Cabin Photos, History and information

Linden Cabin Disassembly video

Galvin Cabin 

Kankakee Valley Historical Society YouTube video link

KVHS Highlight Section

2014 Aukiki River Festival Photo Gallery

Lake County Bridge #2 Plan

2014 Plan for Excavation at the Collier Lodge site

2013 Aukiki River Festival Photo Gallery  

Max Ahlgrim notebook .pdf

An Archer on the Kankakee by J. Maurice Thompson

2009 Aukiki River Festival video 

2009 Aukiki River Festival Photo Gallery and News Articles Page

2009 Aukiki River Festival  Page  

2008 Aukiki River Festival Page  

The Times Range Line Rd. Bridge #2 story  

Lake County Bridge #2 KVHS webpage  

 Dunn's Bridge & Milford, IL Bridge


Kankakee River Potpourri  

Stories of the people, places and mystery's of the Kankakee River

Of Special Interest:

Porter County Sherriff David Lain historic police equipment collection pictures and video link 

Collier Lodge Restoration Images

Map showing location of Collier Lodge  

Collier family and early Collier Lodge pictures  

Archival Pictures of Baum's Bridge Hunt Clubs  

Our Kankakee Adventure-- by Joseph A. Singler  

The Kankakee in the Old Days--by Dr. F E Ling

They Say the Kankakee is Coming Back -- William Bridges  

The Kankakee "Marsh" of Northern Indiana and Illinois permission from "The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology" 

An Anthropological Report on the Indians of the Kankakee River permission from "The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology"