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Collier lodge and boat and people.jpg (210151 bytes)

Collier Lodge about 1910

Collier Lodge on right.jpg (340463 bytes)

Collier Lodge on right 

Collier Lodge-Flora on left.jpg (56461 bytes)

Collier Lodge (Flora Collier on left)

Jim Collier in center.jpg (50378 bytes)

Jim Collier on right

Collier Lodge gas pump and people.jpg (48733 bytes)

In front of Collier Lodge about 1925

Elwood Collier at Lodge.jpg (27897 bytes)

Elwood Collier

Jim Collier about 1950.jpg (77318 bytes)

Jim Collier in front of lodge about 1950

Collier boat @ lodge.jpg (93736 bytes)

Boats at Collier Lodge landing

Collier Lodge & boat minus people.jpg (415267 bytes)

Boats at Collier Lodge landing